For those sexy couples, hot single ladies and select single men who are truly looking for the very best in a lifestyle club!






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(260) 312-9609

Club Hours:


1st & 3rd Friday of every month

8 PM – 3 AM


EVERY Saturday

8 PM – 3 AM


The Bra & Panty Night was a HUGE success!  There were 17 GORGEOUS ladies who participated in the contest and the SEXY Jennifer took home the prize!  The birthday parties were a TON of fun and we had to extend the hours to get everyone home and to their hotels safely!  Whew.... what a night!!

This weekend is going to be another busy weekend for the club!  We have two events planned.  Newbie Friday is a GREAT night to join the club and Disco Inferno on Saturday night will be HOT fun evening to make some new friends!  Don't miss it!

We have announced May's Events!  There is something for EVERYONE!  Mark your calendar for May 31st... The White Party is our signature event and we do it right! 

See you soon!

Coming this week…

Newbie Night!

Friday, April 18th    

8:00 PM – 3:00 AM


Are you brand new to the lifestyle and looking for a way to meet other HOT couples and singles?  Are you curious about what clubs have to offer?  Have you been disappointed by a club experience in the past?


We want to show you why we were voted the 2ndBest On-Premise Club in the Nation for 2013!




All NEW members entering the club for this event will only pay $1 for their membership!



We average 90 new members per month but we know there are a few of you out there that are still waiting for the PERFECTnight to join in on the fun…



We will have host couples waiting to meet you, answer all your questions and give you a club tour.  You will also meet the owners and staff of the HOTTEST club in the Midwest!


There is NObetter night to join the club and see what you’ve been missing!

There is NO VIP seating on this night... the entire club is YOUR playground!



Let the HOT fun begin!


Couples $30

Single Males $35

Single Ladies $Free


**All non-members are required to pay the

$1 membership donation.**


Disco Inferno!

Saturday, April 19th    

8:00 PM – 3:00 AM



You asked for it!

Music from different eras…

here are the 70’s!



For those of you who like shakin’ your butt to more current music, we will have plenty of the HOTTEST new hits out there sprinkled in throughout the night!


Put on your bell bottoms, polyester shirts, go go boots and big wigs and let’s get down tonight!



Let the HOT fun begin!


Couples $50

Single Males (limited to 5) $60

Single Ladies $10


**All non-members are required to pay the

$35 membership donation.**